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Your Mobile Phone is your LIFE, right in the palm of your hand.
MindWidget puts your brand in the hand of consumers everywhere!

Check out a few of the nifty ways we do this.
All at prices that eliminate the pucker factor.

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Mobile Marketing

How does your website look and function on smart-phones? MindWidget simplifies your website for mobile making your website easy to navigate, minimizes the site to the truly important information the consumer needs, and makes it easy on the eyes.

Website Solutions

We make websites simple, on budget and on an agreed timeline! Plus they are designed to include all the latest and greatest ways to reach your consumers. We build them with Web 2.0 techniques that make search engines find them easier, allow for social media plugins, and make it easy for consumers to gather the info they want.

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Email & SMS Text Campaigns

Reach your customers wherever they are! Two of the biggest uses of smart-phones are SMS Text Messaging and Email! Let MindWidget help you send timely messages about new product arrivals, right now or last chance specials directly to your customers to drive return business.

App Development

Reach, Engage, Notify. MindWidget assists businesses to reach their consumers with your own branded app. Engage your customers with product updates, unique content, and push notifications to urge buying decisions. Whatever your need is for an app, Mindwidget can make it, and affordably too!

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